My research into Nicaragua’s Dr. Rosendo Rubi, my great-grandfather

I’ve been writing on this blog about Dr. Rosendo Rubi, my great-grandfather, since August 2008. Each article reflects the current state of my research on a particular topic, at the time it’s written. I also have a parallel collection of photos and scanned documents on my Flickr set site, where I load relevant photos and images with brief comments. My articles can be accessed as a group separate from my other blog articles, through the Rosendo Rubi category, using this URL:

Here (, I’ll maintain an updated table of content to serve as a convenient entry point for all my articles on Rosendo Rubi. I’m ordering them not chronologically, but by theme, starting with my first article where I introduced my great-grandfather, my interest in his life, and the goals for these articles. Some articles are in English and some in Spanish. I sometimes update articles after the original publication date, as new information arises.

Introduction and Start of my Research

Rosendo Rubi, Nicaragua, and the Invention of Voice Radio (Wireless Telephony) [2008-8-31]


Rosendo Rubí bibliography [2008-9-21]

Rosendo Rubí’s family [2010-5-29, in Spanish]
(La familia de Rosendo Rubí)

Rosendo Rubi’s university thesis and accomplishments of two of his children [2011-3-31]

Eulogies to Rosendo Rubí, at his death [2010-6-6, in Spanish]
(Homenajes a Rosendo Rubí, a su muerte)

Birth and death dates, Dr. Rosendo Rubí Altamirano [2009-7-18, in Spanish]
(Fechas de muerte y nacimiento del Dr. Rosendo Rubí Altamirano)

Rosendo Rubi: New York Times obituary and two other references [2009-7-6]

St. Louis World’s Fair

Entries in World’s Fair Bulletin, 1903-1904 [2008-10-11]

Nicaragua Pavilion Photos, St. Louis Exposition [2009-7-7]


Article about Rosendo Rubí in Nicaraguan daily newspaper, La Prensa [2009-10-13, in Spanish]
(Artículo en La Prensa sobre Rosendo Rubí)

Luis H. Debayle and Rosendo Rubí, 1896 citation [2008-9-21, in Spanish]
(Luis H. Debayle y Rosendo Rubí, mención en 1896)

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