Rosendo Rubi’s university thesis and accomplishments of two of his children

During visits to relatives last Fall I was shown important documents about the accomplishments of Rosendo Rubi Altamirano and two of his children, Emilio (my grandfather) and Esmeralda Rubi Moncada.  The most significant of these is Rosendo Rubi’s 1895 (February 20) thesis from the College of Medicine and Surgery (Facultad de Medicina y Cirugia), University of Leon.  My uncle, Dr. Claudio Rubi, had kept and preserved it since the 1970’s, and thanks to him we still have this copy in excellent condition. The other finds include Emilio Rubi’s 1933 University of Leon thesis and a medal granted to him by the Nicaraguan president Rene Schick Gutierrez in 1963, both held by uncle Claudio in Norway; and a university degree as Pharmacy Expert (Experta en Farmacia) granted to Esmeralda in 1924 by the University of Leon.

Rosendo Rubi's 1895 university thesis

Rosendo Rubi Altamirano's 1895 university thesis

Uncle Claudio generously gave me Rosendo Rubi’s thesis.  After I get it scanned, I intend to openly distributed the document as a pdf file.  I will talk more about the thesis then.  For now, here’s the front-page text:

Septicemia Gangrenosa, Nuevo Tratamiento
Tesis Presentada a la Facultad de Medicina y Cirugía
por R. Rubí
20 de Febrero 1895 León, Nicaragua

I have scanned the first few pages and posted them on my collection of photos and images about Rosendo Rubi, accessible here starting with the first page.

Uncle Claudio also has a copy of his father’s university thesis, also from the University of Leon:

Entero-Colitis Producidas por Protozoarios
Tesis universitaria, Emilio Rubí Otero
Octubre 1933 Universidad de León

Emilio Rubi Otero's 1933 university thesis

Emilio Rubi Otero's 1933 university thesis

Emilio Rubi Otero's 1963 medal

Emilio Rubi Otero's medal as Nicaragua's Best University Professor in 1963

He also has the national medal my grandfather received as Nicaragua’s Best University Professor in 1963. This medal was granted by the President of the Republic, on National Week (mid September, Semana de la Patria).  Eventually I intend to write a post about my grandfather.

Esmeralda Rubi Otero's 1924 Pharmacy Expert diploma

Esmeralda Rubi Otero's 1924 Pharmacy Expert diploma, University of Leon

Finally, when I visited my aunt Wilma Nauman in California last December, she showed me the Pharmacy Expert diploma her mother (Esmeralda Rubi Otero, later Esmeralda Rubi Kaffke) received in October 1924 from the University of Leon (Facultad de Medicina, Cirugía, Farmacia y Dentistería de Occidente y Setentrión de la República).  It is remarkable that a woman would reach that level of professional training in Nicaragua in 1924, and a tribute both to her own efforts and to her father’s progressive vision.

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2 Responses to Rosendo Rubi’s university thesis and accomplishments of two of his children

  1. Ken Kaffke says:

    Thank you so much for posting this diploma of my grandmother, Esmeralda – I am seeing it for the first time, today on my birthday, and now thanks to your sharing such treasure, a happy day for me!!

  2. emayorga says:

    Ken: Thanks for taking the time to leave a message. I’m so glad you found these documents and photos, and enjoyed seeing them. I translated your grandmother’s diploma for your cousin Christine six months ago; since you left your email address here, I’ll sent it to you via email.

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