Threats to rivers (various BBC news items)

I’ve been saving these BBC news items on my RSS reader (Bloglines), because they may be useful later for stuff I’m doing — and my browser bookmarks list is too huge. But I’ll try something new here: using my (mostly unused) blog to record and group notes, and maybe give them a bit more visibility to boot. These news items from the last three months are all about various impacts on rivers across the world.

18 June 2008: Australian rivers ‘face disaster’
Parts of Australia’s vital Murray-Darling river basin will be beyond the point of recovery unless they receive water by October.

1 May 2008: Leaders agree plan to save Niger
Nine West African countries have agreed an $8bn, 20-year plan to save Africa’s third-largest river, the Niger.

21 April 2008: Africa plans biggest dam project (on Congo River)
A plan to build the largest and most powerful hydroelectric dam in the world is being discussed in London.

The last one is not about rivers, but it does involve potential impacts (possibly both beneficial and detrimental) on surface waters.

25 March 2008: Mexico plans water supply boost
Mexico is to make a major investment in water projects to try to guarantee that at least 95% of the population has access to clean drinking water by 2012.

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